Please call us if you have any questions regarding shipping rates, order ship-out days, and order delivery dates. With Fedex Overnight, Fedex 2nd Day & Fedex Ground, do not count weekends or holidays as shipping days. Also, shipping days can be delayed due to bad weather, for which Fedex is not responsible. Some orders may require a signature. Fedex Home delivers to residences on Tuesday thru Saturday, except for holidays. Fedex Ground delivers to businesses on Monday thru Friday, except for holidays. The U.S. Mail delivers Monday thru Saturday, excluding holidays.

Important Note:  Please make sure that your credit card billing address matches the address to which the credit card bill is mailed.  Otherwise, our system will not be able to process the payment. And don't forget to include the Security Code!

Thanks again!

Feel free to call us:  714-937-5457

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